About the Team



Ashley has been in the beauty industry for over a decade now and has never once looked back. It’s right where she belongs; she loves helping her clients reveal their true beauty, inside and out. Although outer beauty is only one small dimension of a person’s true character, the boost in confidence a good hair cut can bring can really make your inner beauty shine! That’s why Ashley doesn’t just focus on the art of cutting hair, she also builds strong relationships with her clients. She loves sharing time with them, getting to know their concerns, fears and flaws as well as their strengths, loves, and inspirations. Hearing so many women’s stories and voices every day is a part of her job that she truly treasures, and those stories and voices have helped shape the person she is today. Ashley feels so lucky to be able to work every day to enhance each client’s inner beauty by reflecting it on the outside.

Ashley specializes in balayage, all spectrums of the color wheel, long hair, curly hair, razor cuts, fun pixies, bridal & editorial work. She approaches hair from a creative perspective, and pays attention to detail while fitting every piece of art into her client’s everyday lifestyle. By getting to know the client she can break down whether or not a style will be right for them based not only on their face-shape, skin tone, hair type, and desire, but also on how much time and effort they want to put into styling and maintenance each day. Ashley believes her client’s should be fully educated on what to expect each day from their chosen style and on how to maintain the look they were hoping to achieve.



Karina became an esthetician after working a desk job in the corporate world and realizing it was not for her. She has always loved building relationships and working with people one on one. That was not the case at her corporate job, so she decided to go to beauty school. While at beauty school she discovered sugaring and fell in love with the process. Sugaring opened her eyes to organic skincare and the rest fell into place.

Karina had extensive training in the art of sugaring through Alexandria Professionals and has worked at 5 star spas in Seattle throughout her career in skincare. She was an Arch Expert with Benefit Cosmetics and can transform any brows into beautiful arches that frame and accentuate eyes and face. Through continuing education and updated training she keeps her skill set fresh and will always seek those opportunities.She specializes in both the art of sugaring, which is an organic form of hair removal, and organic facials using Eminence Organics. She uses all natural products to promote the best and most healthy skin possible.

Karina always recommends sugaring to her clients over waxing because it removes hair with the least amount of damage to your skin. With traditional methods of hair removal the hair and skin are damaged, sometimes beyond repair. Broken hairs, burns, ingrown hairs, bacterial infections, and small skin tears are all concerning outcomes that can result from waxing, threading, laser, and depilatory creams. The organic sugar paste is not applied hot, does not break hairs and leads to permanency. The sugar is applied against the hair growth and then removed in the natural direction of the hair. This leads to less hair breakage and smoother skin for a longer period of time.

Her goal is to guide her clients by educating them about their skin and implementing a personalized skin care routine. Having a solid routine and using organic products designed for your skin is the key to healthy skin and she would love to guide you in achieving your best skin!



Eric Found himself at a crossroads after getting his Accounting Degree from Washington State University. He did not feel passionate about accounting and kept searching for his path. Later that same year found himself enrolled at Gary Manuel Aveda Institute. Through the extensive 11 month training program he was offered a position at an advance training academy at the Gary Manuel Salon.  During the year and a half of rigorous training at Gary Manuel Salon he was able to sharpen his craft. While learning from various stylist he picked up skills that he was able to apply to his own clients. The most important aspect of the beauty industry that he learned was the art of making people feel good about themselves. Eric’s philosophy is, “If I can change someone's perspective about themselves in 45 min or less I’ve done my job, money will follow.” Eric believes in creating a safe space for his client. “My chair is an open door.”

Eric is a true colorist at heart. His passion lies in creating beautiful blondes, rich brunettes, spicy reds, long hair, short hair, and men’s cuts, you name it. Eric will deliver and bring confidence to each glance in the mirror. Eric is a native Californian turned Seattle-lite who enjoys charcuterie and wine. Come meet Eric and sit in his chair at Sugar & Shears!

*Eric is available to take clients on Sunday’s only.