Q: When should I arrive for my appointment?

A: Please arrive to your appointment 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time.

Q: What if I am going to be late for my appointment?

A: If you are going to be late (even 5 minutes), please call the salon at 206-678-2524 or you can email at info@sugarandshearsseattle.com.  If you are going to be more than 5 minutes late for a 15 minute appointment or more than 10 minutes late for a 20+ minute appointment then we will have to reschedule for another day. If we have to reschedule your appointment there will be a 50% charge for the service that was rescheduled. 

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: We ask that you please notify us 24 hrs prior to your appointment if you will need to cancel or reschedule (48hrs for an appointment 2hrs or longer). Please see our Cancellation Policy Page for more information.

Q: What is the diffrence between your Brazilian and your Hollywood bikini service?

A: The main and only diffrence between these two services is that the Brazilian bikini leaves hair behind on the pubic mound. People tend to like the hair shaped in a strip or triangle. The Hollywood bikini does not leave any hair behind whatsoever. 

Q: I have never been sugared before. How should I prepare for my appointment?

A: There are a few things you can do to ensure that you get the best and most pain free experience possible. They are as follows:

  1. Make sure your skin is clean. No sweat, lotions, or oils.

  2. Ideally, the hair being sugared should be no longer or shorter than ¼ of an inch. That is about the size of a grain of rice or two weeks of growth after shaving for most people.

  3. Take a couple of Ibuprofen. The process, although less painful than waxing, is still hair removal and may be uncomfortable.

  4. Plan the appointment a few weeks before or after menstruation; as you are more sensitive in the week leading to and when you are on your period.

  5. Take an antihistamine. An antihistamine will help block the histamine reaction that some  people get with hair removal.

Q: Can I still get bikini services done while I am menstruating or pregnant?

A: Yes! You can keep your appointment if you start your cycle or are pregnant. If you are on your period, we ask that you wear a tampon/diva cup during the service. If you are pregnant, let us know so we can make you as comfortable as possible. In both of these cases you will be more sensitive due to hormonal changes.

Q: How long does sugaring last and when should I book my appointment if I have a special event or trip coming up?

A: Sugaring lasts anywhere between 4-6 weeks depending on your personal hair growth. If you are preparing for a vacation or special event, it is recommended that you start treatments 3 months in advance. Since hair grows in three different cycles your first three appointments will be the most important to minimize the hair growth. Also, planning your appointments within the week of the vacation or special event will ensure that your skin is hair free for duration of your trip or event.

Q: How often should I come see you?

A: This depends on the service and your personal hair growth. Brows should be maintained within a 4 week period. Seattle and French bikinis should be kept up every 4-6 weeks. Brazilian and Hollywood bikinis should be maintained every 4 weeks. Underarms and facial sugaring should be maintained every 2-4 weeks. For other areas, please ask your esthetician.  

Q: How should I prepare for my Lash Lift?

A: The best way to prepare for a Lash Lift appointment is to not wear any makeup on your lashes and to come in with clean lashes. If you wear contacts we recommend not wearing them for this appointment. 

Shears Pre-booking Guidelines:

Color/Root Touch up 4-8 weeks

Toner 4-6 weeks

Buffer 4-6 weeks

Highlights 4-10 weeks

Balayage 8-12 weeks

Short styled Haircut 4-6 weeks

Basic Haircut 5-10 weeks

Long layered Haircut
(low maintenance) 6-12 weeks

Partial Foil includes foils on the top & side of the head, also known as the crown. To be considered a partial foil you must book within 10 weeks of your last foiling appointment. If not the grow out is to extensive & will require more time & effort for the stylist. This will result in the charge of a full foil or custom color.

Partial Balayage includes highlight framing around the crown & or face area. To be considered a partial balayage you must book within 12 weeks of your last balayage service.


Balayage is French for “sweeping”. In hair coloring it’s a technique that uses a sweeping motion of the paint brush & wrist to dust color or lightener onto the hair, creating a seamless transition in color and highlight. Balayage is a great way to make a more natural highlight and it requires less maintenance to keep up.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin is the main protein found in hair, it’s basically what makes up your complete hair strand. Over time the keratin bonds break down for several different reasons; humidity, sun damage, heat damage and so on.
Once the hair looses most of the keratin & cystine it becomes limp, dry and creates split ends.
By adding keratin back into the hair with keratin complex smoothing therapy it strengthens the strands back up, eliminates the dryness while compacting the cuticle closed to lock in hair color. Keratin complex also eliminates up to 90% frizz and can cut your styling time in half. It provides fullness and movement while making your hair more manageable in general. 


Halo Extensions are the perfect way to add a little length & or volume to your hair in seconds! Yes, we said seconds! Halo extensions offer a variety of over 30 shades in The Halo Original & Halo Layered. Including balayage options. They come in lengths between 12”-24”. Book a free Halo Extenstion consultation today with one our stylist.